Saturday, May 14, 2016

That Was Hard Work...

My legs were feeling heavy after yesterday's run. Not sore just heavy. I decided on the clockwise Flaxley loop and set out early afternoon. Unsurprisingly it wasn't long before I knew a PB was unlikely at best. The first climb into the woods from the road was damn hard work. Despite the heavy legs I was determined to make it a solid workout and pushed on in the second third of the route but I came to a grinding halt on the final climb. From there I decided to bide my time, get to the top and then push on again.

I was surprised to finish only a few seconds slower than last time. Even more surprising was that Strava tells me my times for the first two climbs were actually quicker than last time. I lost all the time on that third, steeper climb, which brought me to my knees.

Not sure how my legs are going to feel tomorrow - probably not good. Hopefully I will be able to carry out the plan of three runs in a row. I'm entering the last few weeks before The Comeback so really need to maximise any gains.

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