Sunday, May 29, 2016

Slight Rejig On The Schedule...

There were a few issues going down with the day the day job yesterday so I had to stay close to my phone and my files ergo the planned run unplanned itself. Anyway, I got out there today instead so no harm done.

I decided to head out around midday, in the heat, to give myself a good test. I'm never one for the heat, preferring cooler conditions generally. The 13.5km route was not as ideal a practice for next weekends Rack Raid Relay as I would have liked. A section through the Flaxley Wood was an overgrown, boggy slip fest. The four downed trees that I had to clamber over and through didn't help either. It was not the quickest.

Once onto the road I could get more of an even pace going but I was beginning to melt in the heat. It was good to acclimatise to the warm conditions as it could be like it next week - or it might piss down with rain. Anyway, it was another decent training run done but I'm not going to over do it next week as I want to be as rested as possible for the big day...

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