Sunday, December 27, 2015

More Like It...

Fastest 2k row to date, 8:02. Way way down on my best of.... ten years ago... but then I'm ten years older - not to mention bloody unfit and sagging in places I'd rather not sag. Still, will be nice to get into the sevens in a day or two.

Still feel a bit bloaty but better than yesterday. Followed the row by the bike and of course the abs and pull-ups. I might take a rest day tomorrow before heading back to the grindstone that is work on Tuesday.

On other matters, I finally managed to get to the supermarket. Mind you, I almost turned away when I was confronted with another very full car park. What the hell is wrong with people? Last Tuesday - chockers. Last Wednesday - chockers. Last Thursday - chockers. Saturday - Chockers. Today - chockers. Some people need to take a long look at themselves. If it wasn't for the fact I haven't been to the shops for almost two weeks and have practically nothing left except soursough starter and flour I'd probably turned back. Hopefully I now have enough food to see me through to the new year when the madness of people will be back to the normal levels of madness.

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