Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Another Day Another Row...

Personal Best - but it's getting harder. Much much harder. Different tactics today. Hit the first 1000m just slightly off pace. Stepped it up to the pace in the next 500m and then pulled it down towards 1:50/500m to romp home a full 2.3s inside yesterday's time in 7:52.0. That's (oxymoron alert) a whole half a percent faster!!

I followed a slightly different format today - nothing quite like mixing it up a little. Oh yeah baby, I like to live it on the edge! Thirty minutes on the bike followed by the row and then another thirty on the bike with core strength reps to finish.

Tomorrow's plans to work from home have been thrown into disarray by an bit of an emergency in work so I'll be in Bristol first thing. Grrh.

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