Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lovely Day To Make Sourdough Bread, Not So Good For Orienteering..

I have to say I was total pants at today's summer orienteering. It's more practice than serious competition - and boy do I need the practice. My navigation wasn't that far off on any of the controls but somehow I just didn't seem to home in on the exact spot. I think I managed to run almost directly over a couple of controls with spotting them before faffing around trying to work out where they could be. Controls two, six and eight were the worst on that front. From my gps I can see I must have practically rubbed against the control kite on my first approach. The last was also particularly poor but by then I'd lost the will to live. I'm going to lay some of the blame on the fact that the undergrowth is more overgrowth at the moment. At one point I almost had to get out my machete to hack through the jungle of bracken!

Have to say my control of the map and compass is improving though. Despite not actually finding many of the controls quickly I really feel I was putting myself in the right place. I made a few dodgy route choices but overall I'm keeping control of my location to the map far better with the new technique. So I'll take away a bit of positive from an otherwise poor showing.

On a more important matter. I've a sourdough loaf on the go and in a few hours it'll be ready for the oven with a bit left for pizza. Then after that I'm off to some bloody stupid night race wot some RogueRunners have organised. 22:15 I asks you? What time for a race start is that? Been a while since I've double raced in a day - and I might just finish on the same day if I don't get lost...

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