Monday, June 09, 2014

And Now For The Stats

No wonder I feel broken, I've just plotted the routes on my digital OS maps... Day 1 we covered the 27km with 2,000m of ascent for 220 points - that's almost 17miles and 6,500 feet of ascent in old money - in a time of 6 hours and 57 minutes (three minutes inside the limit). On day 2 we ran even further! We covered 28km but with only 1,200m of ascent to score 140 points (that's 17.5miles and 4,000 feet of ascent) in a time of 5 hours and 56 minutes (four minutes inside the limit).

Our efforts on day 1 left us in 16th place of 72 in the overall score class and 7th place of 45 in the vets. Me and Neil were pretty chuffed by that. Our day 2 result was even better, notching up 10th/5th for the day. That moved us up the rankings slightly to finish a confirmed 13th place in the overall classification and 5th in the vets. I can't be more pleased.

In all we covered 55km with 3,200m of ascent (34.5miles, 10,500feet) and I am extremely pleased with that. I've lost so much fitness over the last two months I can't believe I was actually able to cover that kind of distance. My back holding up to the effort was a definite bonus. Everything is still aching though...

Approximate routes (Day 1, blue, starting south west. Day 2, red, starting north east corner):-

Day 1 profile:-

Day 2 profile:-

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