Sunday, June 22, 2014

I Managed To Gather

Really enjoyed last nights night race - probably on account of my third place overall and first vet. It was a good, gnarly, twisty route - or should that be twisted, having made us get wet feet crossing a stream within fifty metres of the start. It was a shame that a few more people didn't turn up to run because of those that did I think most would have agreed it was a good race. Having said that, if there had been more I wouldn't have been in the prizes.

I'm pleased how I ran but my lack of fitness is still quite telling when it comes to a faster paced run. I managed to hold second place for the first, shorter lap. With Rich C taking the lead in the first few hundred metres I let him get on with it.

I began to fade on the main climb at the far end of the course on the second lap and was soon overtaken by the eventual second place man and also the fourth - he'd run the Malvern Marathon in the morning so I was firmly put in my place. I managed to recapture third spot across the top, on the way back in but by then I was puffing somewhat so was more keen just to end the pain than worry about my finishing position.

Thanks to RogueRuns for a great night race.

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