Sunday, June 01, 2014

And Now, The End Is Near

Hopefully it won't be the final curtain and nor will it entail travelling each and every highway but it's going to be a struggle. It's now T Minus four hours till I slog from Usk to Tintern with it's 1500 feet of ascent. More ascent than your normal road half marathon. Oh the shame of very likely be walking bits... Added to that the fact I've not run that far on the road for several years it's going to be tough!

I ran a couple of 10k's last year and a couple of fives but it's about three years since I've pounded a half marathon on the road. Tactics. Steady start, erring on the slightly slow. I've got a pace in mind which I think I can manage - so no barracking if it looks like I'm going slow. With luck I'll have a little power left after half way and pick it up a little.

Did I really say I'd run the Rack Raid Relays this year? Did I? Not sure I did.....

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