Sunday, June 08, 2014


Totally totally broken but I did survive - just. Myself along with the Chepstow Massif were on the road Friday by 7am and after a great, jam free drive, arrived at the race HQ by 6pm. Before long I was to tent to get an early night ahead of the Saturday start of the 2014 LAMM Score class.

Neil and me set off just gone 8:30 and generally had a good run but not before we'd made life hard. Beasting ourselves on the 7k we'd left ourselves to get to the finish in just fifty minutes from 700m up a craggy mountain. We easily made the 7 hour cutoff in the end 6:57... We were 16th of 70ish.

We were fortunate with the midcamp having fine weather till the late evening allowing us to at least cook tea in the dry. My back held up dor the run but really stiffened up through the evening. Then the rains came down and we went to bed.

We were awoken by the screech of some bastard playing the bagpipes at 5:00! It was a bit rainy but we managed to get breakfast cooked, packed the kit, tent down and the off again. My felt freer at least.

With the miles on our legs we plotted an easier route but still decided to make life hard. We got to our last chosen control only a couple of miles from home but with just under two hours left headed back into the mountains. We managed to claim another couple controls but once again left ourselves a big ask to get back down in time and really had to beast ourselves to get the job done.

In the end we made it with ease. Completing the 6 hour cut off in 5:56... But we had moved up to 13th overall and around 5th or 6th of 41 in the old bastards category.

All we have now is the ten hour drive home - in progress... Not to mention that I am completely wrecked. Pretty everything aches or hurts.

All in all a good weekend with exceptionally brilliant company of the Lawsons - still just about married, Judith and Allan - 5th place prize winners and elite Ben, not forgetting my partner in crime Neil - now happily off sailing.

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