Monday, July 05, 2010

Crack squad

Be careful how you say that after a few beers. Yes it's at this time of year attention turns to the upcoming AXA 5 Inter-Companies race. I'm drumming up support for an elite team from Bristol Water. It will, of course, be 'elite' in the loosest sense of the word - that is, four or more people capable of completing the five mile course. I'm not sure the MOD's finest will have too much to fear.

Anyway, I've been giving some severe thought to my training schedule. As an aside, it's the bike tonight, to give my legs a chance to recover from the weekend. I enjoyed my run in the mountains so much that I've booked a few days off work to get out there mid week as well. I'm hoping to double header on the 17/18th for the Pen-y-Fan/Fan-y-Big races and then stay on over for three days of recceing the South Wales Traverse and other parts of the Brecons I've not run on before - and there is an awful lot of that.

Well I'm starting to get a good sweat on now so I've got to stop babbling lest I drip on the keyboard...

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