Saturday, July 10, 2010

Battered, brusied and blistered

To be fair, I've not actually got any blisters. Come to think of it, I've not been battered, nor for that matter, have I any bruises. I am, however, sporting multiple flesh wounds of the bramble variety, multiple stinging nettle stings and I'm covered in black fly and bits of flora - she's not too pleased either. And I am totally knackered.

The heat was sapping. There is no way I would have got round the Greenman. Today's Three Peaks Path was hard enough, weighing at a mere 20.5 miles and 2,500 feet of ascent. So for my well being it was a good and sensible call - you won't see me typing that too often.

The route itself was mostly well marked but there were a few dodgy bits. Having said that, the worst bit was a section across completely overgrown crop fields - but they looked more like weeds than any crop I've come across before. For about 800m it was very slow going. Said 'crops' were above head height. It was here I sustained most of the damage. When I finally made it through I never really managed to get going again. So it was a bit of a mental challenge to get to end. But get to the end I did.

Well I'm off to get myself a well earned pizza. I've burnt enough calories to eat two - but I'll stick to one on this occasion.

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