Saturday, May 08, 2010


Got myself out for a run this morning - after an extended sleep-in. I cast an eye over the map. Decided a route and set off.

After about four miles I changed plans and headed into Welshbury Wood. I was intending to run quite a lot of road but I've never been in Welshbury Wood and it looked steep so I thought I'd give it a go. It was nice to run somewhere new. From there I ran a loop of Chestnuts Inclosure - another knew one on me - before heading back to the road.

I churned out a few miles from there to Little Dean and the edge of Cinderford before heading into the Haywood Plantation - where I got a bit disorientated on account of the loggers churning up the path I was on to the extent that the path vanished. So after an impromptu loop I headed back to Flaxley Woods and home. As I ran through Flaxley I stumbled across a deer, a fox and a baby rabit.

In all I covered about sixteen and a half miles and 2,200 feet of ascent. I'm pleased with that - and it didn't take me all day.

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