Friday, May 28, 2010

Where to run tomorrow?

I want to run my last long run before the LAMM and I'm unsure where to run it. Decisions, decisions.

It's been a slack week on the exercise front but not on the work front and sometimes the two don't always see eye to eye.

I'm inclined to run the a longer section of the south part of the CFP but then the Brecons might be a possibility - and a chance to get in a drive in the new old car. Or maybe I should go recce some of the Cotswold Way. The downside to that is that it would pretty much have to be an out and back-er - not something I find totally inspiring but at the end of the day if I'm going to have a crack at the entire CW later in the year I do need to get out there and recce it. Another downside of travelling tomorrow is the increased bank holiday travel. Oh, and another one is the lack of my maps - mind you, I could always 'use the force, luke, use the force' to guide me.

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