Wednesday, May 05, 2010


It's been a tiring day at work and I felt like nothing more than feet up. And having finally managed to get hold of the Coniston race results I reckon I can pencil in an extra rest day. I was 175th out of a field of - get ready - 422. That puts me well inside the top half, 41% of the field no less - bonsai. I think it's my best result of all my English or British Fell races - not there's been that many. Lets have a look - time for the stats...

Y Garn 64% (46th/71)
Slieve Bearnagh 61% (144th/233)
Dentdale 60% (90th/150)
Dufton 56% (105th/185)
Half Tour of Pendle 46% (179th/384)

I'm sure there's been a few more and I know not all races are equal but I'm pretty sure 41% is going to come out top of them all - origami.

Anyway, I am intending to evade the border patrol and cross to the other side - of the Severn, for the 2nd of Chepstow's handicap races.

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