Saturday, March 13, 2010

A week off

Well almost. I've managed just a single run this week - but then I am tapering for the Hogweed tomorrow. Although I'm not feeling very quick and as I've been working pretty hard on clearing and cleaning the house I'm not feeling overly tapered either - doh. After a few sales on Trade-It the house is t least looking a bit less cluttered. Today I was on bathroom diy and exterior facia cleaning duty. I feel a bit knackered now but the place is starting to sparkle - OK, sparkle is definitely too much but it is looking tidier.

Helen is busy over in Ireland winning the V35 Masters Cross Country Championship, I'm so proud. It's just me and the dogs and we all had a good walk this morning. They are now pacing the house and garden waiting for the afternoon gambol - they want their tea but it's not time yet.

Right, back to tomorrow's race - which technically isn't back at all since it hasn't happened - so forward to tomorrow's race... I just squeezed inside 1:34 last year down om my best by some eight minutes. I have to say I'm surprised I managed that time. It's strange. I feel faster now than last year but somehow 1:34 seems quick. I really want to be inside last years time but can I really run inside 1:34 at the moment? I know I haven't really been doing enough mileage but then again I wasn't doing enough last year either. No something is definitely awry in the state of Denmark. The pace has to be on the right side of 7:10 miles. Can I possible manage sevens? I want to think I can and that's what I'm going to try. Let battle commence...

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