Wednesday, March 03, 2010


I did not make the track tonight - boo. But that's not to say I didn't train. I don't know what happened. A rush of blood maybe?. Well I don't really know but the skyline across Dundry looked so inviting on the drive home from work that, well, I just had to get out there. I donned the shorts and top - first time for a while I've not worn longs, cranked up the gps and headed out...

It was a great evening for it. I ran and ran and ran. OK, perhaps not that last 'ran' but it was a fine night for running. In all I covered just over ten miles and 1,500feet of ascent and you know what? It felt goooood. I pushed on a few occasions and eased on others. At points it felt like I was cruising, wind in my hair, faster than the birds but all the while it still felt easy. I was out there for 76 minutes which, considering the ascent, wasn't too bad at all.

Feeling remorseful now, at having missed the track though...

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