Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hill reps on Kymin

I completed my first set of hill reps for, well, a bloody long time. In truth it was not my greatest ever training session but I'm still pleased I finally managed to get to one of the Wednesday night sessions. My throat is a sore as a badger armpit and I ran like a slug but I loved it.

We met in the Lidl car park - as you do - and then headed towards Kymin and the the reps. As a bonus, we ran past a small covered reservoir 12 times in all - back of the net. The session was 5 times 3:30 minute climbs with a jog recovery back down. Each rep was in the region of 600m - so, you can see I was slooooow. Helen was far ahead and Rob G was completely out of sight within about 30 seconds of the start of each rep.

They, say the first rep is the deepest, well, OK, they don't actually say that, not that I've heard anyway, but it's out of the way now.

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