Saturday, March 27, 2010


I don't know if I should say it - at least without touching wood. Oh sod it, the cough seems to have left me - hope that isn't a foolish thing to say. I will be ready to run tomorrow but as to how much the lack of training this last fortnight has affected me? I'll guess we'll see by around 11:30 tomorrow morning.

The worst thing about tomorrow isn't going to be the running - although that is going to be under 90 minutes of pain - I'm going to be optimistic about that. No it's going to be the getting up early, what with the stupid clocks going forward an hour. I vote we keep British Summer time all year round. In fact, with the coming general election, I might stand as an independent for the Keep Summer Time All Year Round Party - although the name needs some work.

Ten means nine and that means a sub seven am wake up call - in real terms, not summer time adjusted bollocks. On a Sunday? That's just wrong!

On the plus side, I'm now firmly back in the 'looking forward to it again' mood - as I was a fortnight ago...

Oh, and I thought I'd update the blog interface a little.

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