Thursday, January 26, 2012


And how do you pronounce that anyway? Tasty though. I made up some flour torilla - first principles man, that's me - and on with the topping of butternut squash (had to use it up or lose it), chilli and feta cheese. Folded and onto the griddle pan. Pretty tasty but I might cut down on the feta next time out.

Managed 90 minutes instead of the scheduled 60 so that was a bonus. Then again I'm not sure there'll be any training tomorrow... Still, there's the weekend to look ahead to and it should be good. I reckon I can fit in a 10k run - to Longtown for the fell race. That's only a short one so it'll be the 10k back again to the car. Then home for a quick shower and down to Chepstow for the Club dinner. I'm pretty sure it'll work - but it's going to be close. The timings are tight. Up Sunday is a 13 mile run from Llanthony with friends. Looking forward to it - even if it won't be very restful.