Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bakers Dozen

Well I did indeed manage to get back over to the mountains for my first back to back day of mountain running this year. It was also good to see Pat again, it's been a while, as we clocked up just over thirteen miles.

We headed out from Storey Arms at about nine o'clock - the car park was rammed but those parked there would no doubt have been headed in the other direction. We headed west. The plan was to run past Fan Nedd and then come back following the South Wales Traverse route.

It was another cold day but glorious all the same, although there were much stronger winds so it all felt a little colder. Definitely a day to be wearing all the layers. Everything went well and it was a most enjoyable run but by the end my legs were feeling it and I was bloody glad we hadn't added the extra bit over to Fan Gyhirych - or else I might have not made it back at all.

My quads are feeling a bit sore now though so I'm going to hop on the bike in a minute to recover before feet up time. It's been another good day...

Today's 13.5 miles with about 2,500 feet of ascent