Sunday, January 22, 2012

All Upholstered Out

Wow did that ever take a long time. I thought it wouldn't take too long to upholster the bench seat. I thought, with my new staple gun, I'd make light work of it. A little bit of cutting. Stretch the cloth in place, staple, and on to the next bit, staple, and so on. How wrong you can be. I started work on it at about nine and it took pretty much through to two in the afternoon to finish it. Admittedly that did include putting it back in the van and taking a few pics but I really didn't think it would take that long. And hard work? Cripes, I worked up a right sweat and no doubt with all the bending, leaning and generally tilting in awkward positions, I'll no doubt have an ache on tomorrow.

Still, I'm pleased with the end result. The option to use cheap denim has worked out. I think it'll look even better once I upholster the sides of the van to match - but I need to ply the ceiling first and install the LED lights and, of course, I've still got the back-rest/auxiliary mattress section to upholster but that, I fear, will be a more difficult task on account of the sewing - I'll not be able to use my staple gun on that. I have a feeling that little job might go onto the back burner for a while. Right now Vera's a bit like the Death Star from Return Of The Jedi - she's fully operational, she just looks a bit shit.

As to training, my legs feel very achy. I am really surprised and I'm not sure what I shall do - or should that be, capable of?

So, without further ado, here are the latest pics of Vera.

Bench/Bed with mattress ready to upholster

Upholstered and in the van (auxiliary mattress section still to do)

Sliding section retracted
(The auxiliary mattress section is not shown here but the
idea is to store it as a back-rest to the bench using Velcro)