Monday, January 30, 2012

Petrol Shortage?

Well that was odd. Just been to the garage to get some petrol for the generator and it was a no show on all pumps. Didn't expect that. I know there's been that bit of trouble at t'mill - aka the refinery - but I didn't expect to get to the garage and find the cupboard bare. Most odd. I shall attempt to appropriate some tomorrow instead. I don't think the genny will actually run dry at tomorrow's  Bridge Inn - but I'd rather not flirt with danger.

But I digress. My legs, or more specifically, my quads are feeling a little sore. A bit of self massage and an hour on the bike has eased things a little. I think I'll be ready to put in another ludicrously slow 5k tomorrow night. I'm not even sure I will get the right side of twenty minutes - and that will be sad. Totally bloody sad. Fingers crossed I get inside. Oh, the potential embarrassment...