Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back Again

For more running up mountains. This time with Pat and Matthew for a planned 20-21km - which, on count back, turned out to be almost 25km but my calculated ascent was about right, weighing in at 3,300 feet. We visited all of the normal places - but necessarily in the normal order - and the final loop back down into Llanthony made a nice change. Something different.

Conditions were, once again, brilliant. Yesterday's sunshine didn't make an appearance so things were a little colder with temperatures around 1-2 degrees and possible a little colder right on the tops. Visibility was great though and you see all the features of the mountains near and far. Best of all my tape from last year was still in place for the descent through the forest so that was about as good as it gets route-wise - provided, that's is, that your friend doesn't fell a tree on to you and shouts 'Dave' just in time for you to stop, turn and see a tree landing on your head - which was lucky, anywhere else and it could have done some damage...

No harm done we continued on and all in all it was a thoroughly great run. So it's been a 50k weekend with approaching 7,000 feet of ascent. My quads feel a little sore right about now but nothing that won't be recovered in a day or two. Good job. Mission complete. Just need to plan out next weeks training schedule and then I can put my feet up and chill for what's left of the weekend. Happy days.

Today's 25km run with its 3,300 feet of ascent