Sunday, January 01, 2012

Let 2012 Begin

A good night was had, spent with good friends, to see in 2012. Suffice to say I haven't mustered for any training but after a tastey carvery at the Yew Tree, Longhope I think I should do. Now, I'm not the greatest fan of the 'carvery' but if it's always as good as that I could be converted. All of which means I also didn't get across to the orienteering either.

Tomorrow I'm looking to head over to the Brecons for a decent run. The forecast looks reasonable for this time of year so I think it should be a goer. Failing that, if the weather is grim, I will divert to the Seven Sins race near Blakeney. At the moment I am undecided on where exactly to run - or how far. Decisions, decisions...