Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Not So Friendly Five

Well it was the Friend 5 tonight (formerly the AXA 5) and I ran like a potato - and a very slow potato at that. I was pleased with my teams performance though. A full compliment of six with four to count - although one member of the team did manage to miss the start... But Dan redeemed himself as he moved through the field to eventually finish as first scorer for the team just pipping Martin to the title as fastest man in the water works.

My time of 37:34 was almost a minute slower than last year - but then again I didn't run over Snowdon a few days before the race back then. That's no excuse though, as I am a lot fitter now than then. It was mainly the wind - stop it - that did for me. It was killer on the bottom section of the course. That bottom run - stop it - normally drags but when you're running into the full force of the wind - also stop it - it drags double. At points I almost stopped when the gusts hit but my tactic of starting slow, towards the back of the field, helped and I was able to keep focus by overtaking runner after runner pretty much throughout the race.

Eitherway, I'm not too worried about my performance - or lack of it - tonight. It was a good training session in light of the longer game and I think the team will have scored well. I'm hopeful we will have topped our previous best of 14th. Fingers crossed...