Friday, September 23, 2011

Black Mountains Here I Come

Just been checking the race details. I'm well up for it tomorrow and don't want any recurrence of my infamous 'getting the start time wrong' incident. Yep, it's definitely 12 noon tomorrow. Hang on, better just check the day... yep, 24th, that's tomorrow. Definitely 12 noon, Saturday...

I've a couple of last minute pre flight checks to go through, namely, looking out my previous race splits. I want to know exactly where I stand - or rather, run - as I hit the check points. Don't want to gain too much time in any one phase. I just want to chip away at each split in its own context. That way each small gain builds to a more significant one by the finish - hopefully at least. That's the plan.

It's all systems go and best of all, better than any race - well, almost better than any race - it's FRIDAY, toot, toot.