Monday, September 19, 2011

Muddling Along On A Monday

I totally felt it this morning - fnah, fnah, ooh, no, stop it. The double header weekend hit and I struggled to rise form the pit. Half an hour late, I eventually rose - but not quite phoenix like. It looked like it was going to be a late start - to be fair, there wasn't really any other option on account of not owning one of those new fangled time machine cars - no, my mistake, that was a film. With no time in the bank I'll have to make sure I get it right tomorrow and get in early.

I'm feeling sharper tonight though. Managed an hour and a half on the bike in front of the telly catching up with the news - what a crock of poo that all is, wish I hadn't bothered. The legs felt a bit blunt and a little achy but overall, after two hard races, I'm pleasantly surprised how good they feel. I'm really starting to look forward to this Saturday's Black Mountains race. Sub-three has got to be on the cards...