Friday, September 16, 2011

Little Trouble In Leafy Longhope

Don't Panic! Don't Panic! My morning drive bore witness to the first time I've ever come across congestion in the village. A fire up yonder caused traffic chaos. At the first whiff of trouble I shot off on a diversionary route which got me around without too much loss of time. Oh the joys of Android and it's traffic apps.

Taking things easy today ahead of Llyn-y-Fan tomorrow. I know I can't catch Matthew L in the race for the Chepstow Fell Series crown but I can enjoy the race. I was really looking forward to a head to head battle for the title but after his blisteringly brisk Beacons race he is - like Al Capone - untouchable. I does doth my cap to him.

Instead of any major exercise I'm looking forward to a spot of cooking tonight. The fridge is packed with veg and I've got to use it up before it goes south for the winter. Some sort of chunky stew me thinks... Also going to attempt homemade ciabatta. I need to kick off with the starter for ten and then finish it off tomorrow. Apparantly ciabatta has that sour dough type thing going on. With the result - good or bad - I'm up for red onion bruschette and an attempt on a panzanella salady effort...