Tuesday, February 01, 2011

What A Bag Of Pap

Work was, what can only be described as, pants. The bloke installing the new server didn't have a clue. What was supposed to be a quick shut down start up turned into a nightmare which resulted in us going back to the original. And then in the ensuing comms failures to our outlying sites he chirps up, right, I'm off, leaving me to clear things up and get comms going. Luckily my colleague took Cheddar while I took others nearer home. Hence home forty five minutes late. Joy of joy, the bloke is back tomorrow - hope he has a bit more of a clue next time.

As to training tonight, I'm resting the leg, which I hasten to add feels much better so yesterday's run did no harm. Bike and row - what else would it be if not running? Probably a bit of ab and pushups as well no doubt. Not going to push to hard, this cold is dragging me down a little. Want shot so I can crack on with my mission to conquer South Wales' largest mountain range.