Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eighteen Again

I can't believe it. Never thought I would turn back the clock. Didn't think I could turn back the clock but tonight, Matthew, I shall was eighteen again - and hopefully not for the last time.

Yes, at tonight's Bridge Inn I edged inside nineteen minutes to register 18 minutes and 59 seconds for the 5k race - piece of piss really. Wasn't even close.

To be fair I was fired up. On a mission and out for justice. I was hard to kill. Practically above the law. But fortunately I wasn't on deadly ground. Stop it. Enough already.

I ran a good race. Fairly even splits. A good first kilometre, the second too slow, the third, up the hill, too fast, the fourth fading and the fifth digging deep. And all off the back of three days of 35 mountain miles, nine thousand feet of ascent, three hours of bike and the row - as in concept II rowing machine - got no one to argue with any more.

I have no option but to feel pleased. It was 13 seconds faster than last month. I'm getting faster off the back of zero speed work. It's all coming from the long runs and bike. I have no right to be getting quicker by goodness I'll take it.

Tonight, I shall finish with a Whoop, Whoop and a Toot, Toot.

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