Thursday, February 03, 2011

Sunniest Day Of The Year?

I think so and with that Martin and I headed out for the second lunch run of the week. We headed out past Highridge Common and then headed over and around the Malago park. In all I guess we covered around five miles but we had a decent pace going if not exactly eye balls out. On the downside this damn cold is getting annoying. Still bunged up so I could do with that clearing up quick sharp. On the upside I think my calf is recovered. There was only one slight twinge but apart from that it was an incident free run.

Looking forward to Sunday's Massacre now. I'm in the mood to give it some but I still don't think I'll rest up Saturday. I'm going to aim for about 10 miles. And I think on Sunday I will jog over to the race from home, that'll be about three to four miles and should be a decent warm up - and of course, warm down - well, how else will I get home?