Saturday, June 13, 2009

Red rag to a cow

Well that was indeed a long run. At just over 15 miles and about 2,000 feet of ascent, I am suitably knackered.

My route was picturesque but not well traveled in places. At one point the path disappeared altogether and were it not for the magic of my trusty global positioning system I might never have seen the light of day again. I can't say I was running very fast either but the time on feet factor was high.

And cows? Don't mention those pesky fiends. I had to deviate my route - adding an extra half mile - because every time I climbed the gate into this particular field the whole herd charged at me. Suffice to say I don't think you will have ever seen someone climb back over a gate so fast. Once back safely the other side of the gate they turned around a walked back across the field as if nothing had happened.

Cue my second attempt to follow the route I had planned. Over the gate I went - and about face and charge came the cows. Damn them. There was not a third attempt. I admitted defeat. Scanned the map and followed a different route around the danger zone. Now, I have to say I'm not normally worried about cows and the like but when you have fifty of them charging at you...

Anyway, I made it home safe and sound and now it's time for a nice relaxing shower...