Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Did I really just do that?

From the off I had absolutely no spring in my legs. I'm talking plod all the way. Normally I get past halfway before it all starts to go plod. Tonight it was heavy going all the way. It was like running through mud. Now I don't like the heat and humidity. Never have. Never will but it doesn't normally hit me like that so I don't think I can put the performance down to that.

All day I've been feeling good. I don't feel tired and I really was looking forward to another quicker time. Right up to the moment that is, before I went for a warm up - and I did do a proper warm up - I felt in the mood for it - ooh no, Mrs. But from the moment I started that fateful warm up I knew things weren't quite right. My two rest days had done sod all to prepare me for a fast one. And in truth, I don't know why I was so shit tonight. Perhaps, I'm still fatigued from last weeks efforts - I'd really like to believe that's not the case.

Anyway my run was a total disappointment - 19:45 - and believe me I tried the whole way. I had to dig deep just to break twenty. I think I need to reconsider the Thornbury 10k on Thursday but I'll see how I feel tomorrow - it is another day, after all.

Well I'll end on a positive note. It was great to see Mike T running again. He's had his fair - make that, more than his fair share - of set backs but he ran well tonight, beating me by miles but a one legged donkey could have done that tonight...