Thursday, June 04, 2009

Like Usain, I'm goin' to be quick

That, sadly, is where the comparison ends - he's too slow and can't keep up :)

I hit the treadmill after work. 45 minutes on the hill setting. All I can say is tough. Very tough. My legs feel tight. I guess after yesterday's quick stuff I should have gone easy but I felt like working a bit.

After the t-mill I sat on the bike for ten minutes to cool down - I should add, I did actually do a bit of pedaling. It's not like I just sat on it and read the newspaper. That would just be silly - mind you, I might bear that in mind.

Right, off to relax now ahead of a double header on the weekend - Stretton Hills fell race on Saturday followed by a total whooping over the steeple chase barriers on Sunday...