Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A nail in the coffin?

of course not - but I sure ran slooooow at the Nailsea 10k. As ever, the race went off without a hitch - that Nailsea mob know how to stage a race.

I arrived with plenty of time to spare before the start and moseyed on down to the sports field. I did a bit of stretching as I wasn't sure how the body was going to cope. Not bad, I thought. I then decided to start my warm up and jogged around the outside of the fields. After a lap the penny dropped as to how bad my body - and more importantly - my legs felt - shite. My calves felt tight. My quads, a little unsteady and my arse-ious maximumus was seriously aching. Oh well, in for penny.

I met Rob W before the start - it's his local race - and although the exams-completed party season has taken a slight toll, he still managed 14th place in a reasonably strong field. He promises to hit the track in a few weeks time.

As to the race. I started steady - and after the first lap - got steadier. Mind you, that fly I swallowed at 8km didn't help. It was hot, there was a wind and I felt knackered - almost a perfect combination. A few people came past but equally I overtook a few and even though I felt terrible I still gave it my all. I didn't get were I am today by not giving it everything.

Into the finishing field I was 10 metres behind the runner ahead - who, incidentally, was 10 metres ahead of the runner behind them. I closed a fraction but with 50 metres to go I heard a deafing roar from within the crowd, 'run Dave, run'. That was the spur. The afterburners kicked into life, flickering at first but then the full thrust hit home, taking me past that runner and through the line. Cheers Rob.

My time of 41:12 is very slow, even by my standards. It's been a hard few days but it's been good training and I feel I'm getting stronger. And I think I managed to hang on better towards the end than I would have done a few months ago.

Next up is the Cotswold Relay, followed by the Bridge Inn 5k and then possibly the Thornbury 10k - a race suggestion from Phil L, who ran a shit load quicker than me tonight...