Friday, June 12, 2009

All set for a long run

I just had to perform major heart surgery on the exercise bike - it was once again rattling and a shakin' like Mr Stevens and his Ole House. But not anymore. It's running smoother than a porcupines underbelly - which, for the sake of those not in the know, is very very smooth. I think it's actually running better than it ever has because I could actually hear the TV while riding which is normally impossible - result. Then again, it probably mean I've loosened off something I shouldn't have and the pedals will fall off but I'll cross that bridge when the fat lady sings.

An hour on the bike has given the legs a good loosener ahead of my planned long run tomorrow but the most important thing to achieve this weekend is a bloody good lie-in in the morning. I'm not - read my lips - getting up before 8am and you can take that to the bank. Oh, for the days when a lie-in really was a lie-in - I'm talking post noon...

Disclaimer. For the record, I know nothing about porcupines or the state of their underbellies