Saturday, May 31, 2008

Men dips

I went out to the Mendips this morning - the first time I've been there for many many years. It was like putting on a old pair of gloves. I set off from the radio masts by Charterhouse and I was gone. But it was nice to see what I believe must have been the Charterhouse reservoir - made my day. There weren't many others out there - which was surprising - but there was this one really hot woman walking with her dogs. She looked like she could beat me easily in a race if only she wasn't ill.

I took it easy on the run and enjoyed the views. Eleven miles and 1700 ft of ascent later I made it back to the car. Then it was off to the pub for some chips - good honest athlete food - nice. Tomorrow it's up to Ashton Court for an easy hour...

Thought for the day: A road twice travelled is never as long.