Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fading memory

Well I managed to get some training in tonight and although my legs felt ok I didn't go very well. Conditions weren't great but it didn't rain, just a strong wind round the top bend and home straight.

Rick didn't make it tonight due to the traffic and Bruce wanted to run an 800m time trial so we decided we would all have a go. We warmed up for a few laps before the trial. My pb is 2:24 - I know, a load of old rubbish and I should be able to go faster. Off we went, my first lap was 72s - not quick enough. My second was even worse. Total time, 2:27 - not the best - that wind in the straight was just too much.

Then after a few more laps to recover we ran some 400's - except I don't think I really did recover. Some of us ran more than others. Namely Bruce and Sean running six and me running four. I felt knackered and just couldn't go quickly enough. I was just about holding 74s off a 60s recovery but I couldn't maintain it and after a very laboured 84s lap it was time to hang up my spikes.

I guess the weekend had taken its toll after all. Speaking of which, stage 2 of the BGR. Pat took his dog, Sasha, on stage 2 - wada mistaka to maka - she decided she knew a better route and they lost her. Pat had to carry on but luckily Harold found her and safely got her home. Having managed to go off course and lose his dog Pat was lucky to not lose time. In fact I think he actually gained a few more minutes. Then it was onto stage 3 - probably the toughest stage of all - ably assisted by Brown Dog, Helen and Mark or Mike - I think his name at least began with an m. Stage 3 went well with Pat gaining yet more time. There was a real buzz as they came into the Wasdale car park. I was sweating buckets before the start of stage 4 - it's not every day you get to drive the white beast on narrow country lanes in the Lake District - a real treat, I can tell you.

Anyway, Stage 4 went well. Pat was beginning to look tired - which isn't surprising as he'd been Up and Running (the best running shop in Bristol by the way) - do I get anything for that Rick? - for over 14 hours. We made a few minutes gain on the first of the climbs before Pat hit a bad spell. It's not surprising really, given the severity of the challenge. He struggled for a few minutes before his mental strength got him through. After we got up Great Gable in good time - gaining yet more minutes - we swiftly moved past Green Gable - but we gave Clark Gable a miss - he'd gone with the wind. Finally, we five appeared, all in a row, storming over the horizon and down to the end of the stage.

I then had to have another go on the white beast - what fun - while the rest of the support crew headed on out with Pat for the final stage back to Keswick. By now Pat was suffering but he's made of stern stuff and when I met him on the road five miles out of Keswick he was in determined mood. He would not be stopped and fifty minutes later he completed his BGR. There was a real buzz as the ten of us - that's six support crew, three dogs - Brown Dog, Pedwar and Santa - and Pat of course came into view of Moot Hall and the Finish. As he knocked on the door it was complete....

... and we all went home for tea - well, ok, sleep - it was gone eleven on what had been a very very long day...

Thought for the day: A smooth sea never made a skilled mariner.