Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bob's left leg

Well Pat's attempt got under way on the dot of 1am. We met Chris Bland at the start and he wished Pat all the best. Then we were off.
I'll keep this short suffice to say I got dropped twice - yes twice. Pat was hammer down.
After the first summit I struggled with vision through my fogged glasses and got separated. I switched to my trusty gps and - having never been to the lake district before - obviously beat Pat to the bottom to catch him back up!
Pat dropped me again on the final climb after I had given him the last of his in flight food and drink.
He finished the stage 45 minutes up - just hope he's not going to hard - having ground both his support runners into the ground.
Both me and Dave W, the other support, are off to get some sleep before duty calls for stage 4 - just hope we can keep up next time.
More to follow when possible...

Thought for the day: 1am is bloody early.