Friday, January 04, 2008

Lets hear it for the weekend

The weekend is here and my second race of the year fast approaches - excellent. I've decided to continue with the mad race schedule for now but see how it goes in terms of cancellation in favour of racing some fast 5 and 10k's. If I see a window of opportunity to lower my PB I'd be a fool not to take it - nothing new there then. I still want to fit in as many races as possible though.

Tonight I managed to get to the gym to complete yesterdays session. Cross country of course. The machine gives you a calories burnt indication that I guess doesn't mean much other than an indicator of how hard you have worked relative to previous sessions. The harder you pedal the more it registers. I managed to beat my previous calories burnt record tonight. Each time I go on it I try to beat my previous mark. So far I have added 90 calories to the mark I first laid down. It was a bit embarrassing though, because I was drenched by the end - too much information - but worse than that, it looked like I'd had an accident of the bladder variety - I know, even more too much information.

For tomorrow I have an easy seven to ten miler planned. Don't know where I'm running it but it's a fairly safe bet it will probably around Ashton Court/Leigh Woods area.

Thought for the day: It's better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate.