Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A bicycle made for one

Never have I been more glad to have made a promise to myself yesterday to go on the bike and push some weights down the gym. The weather was - and still is - absolutely foul.

Today was a recovery day after my exertions over the weekend - and my training run yesterday. So I only did 45 minutes on the bike using the cross country setting - instead of an hour - well, it was a sort of recovery - the sort that doesn't really give you much recovery except for the fact it only lasts 45 minutes instead of an hour. I finished off with some upper body work and some ab crunches and funnily the low abdominal pain still continues to improve so I'll not complain about it anymore.

Anyway, I have to apologise to the lads in advance of tomorrow's track session for I shall not be able to make it. I'm putting in another longer run but I shall be with them in spirit. And to that effect, 'Come on lads, up to the line, we need to start the next rep, come on, move it, move IT, MOVE IT'.

Thought for the day: Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.