Sunday, February 04, 2007

And now for something a little different

Yes, I managed it at last - the something (not that) special. After a bit, scrub that, a lot of faffing I have finally managed to get the footage from the cap-cam onto the web. That's right, I filmed the Long Mynd race on my newest gizmo - the cap-cam. Alright, so it's a small barrel camcorder thingumyjig stuck on my cap but it worked after a fashion! I had a few teething problems with it (which you'll see if you watch) namely it was pointing too low - I didn't take into account my bad looky-down head angle as I run. That will be amended for future films (the cam angle not the head looky-down thing - I'm sure that isn't going to change).

Anyway, it's about 6.5 minutes of edited highlights. It's a bit wobbly, a bit looking at the ground and basically a bit pants but I tried :) Hopefully I can improve my technique for the next one (ooh er).

Alternative link to the Google Video page GoogleVideo

[PS the video quality is low because Google Video shrinks the size and hence quality during their processing bit]