Sunday, July 12, 2020

Decent Enough

Did an interval session on the treadmill yesterday. Three sets of five 1 minute intervals off 30s recovery. I could have nudged the pace of the interval up fraction but I'll save that for the next time. I was sweating cobs by the end so it was tough enough to have ticked the good workout box.

Up today was the second stage of the the L'Etape event and a bit of a longer one in the new French world but without too much climb, 47km, 300m. The bad news is I have to repeat it for the fourth stage of the virtual tour de France in the coming week but it'll be good training time in the saddle. The even worse news is that the final stage of the L'Etaoe is a 1500m climb up the virtual Mont Ventoux. I've not seen what's in store for the final two tour stages but I'm praying it won't be a repeat 'cause I won't be doing it twice inside a month let alone a week.

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