Thursday, July 30, 2020

Another Decent Session Tonight

So I pulled a recovery day yesterday - well, as near as dammit. I did do a short rowing 'test', having discovered a way to capture my concept 2 rower data into to Zwift. It shows as biking but the power and cadence is valid and the type can be set to rowing afterwards. Going to be adding more rowing to the training from here.

Today I ran the longest of the 30/40 Zwift workout. There are three versions (with increasing number of intervals) and I ran the longest version tonight. 16 intervals of 30s effort, 40s tempo. It felt good. Hard work but I possibly had slightly more in the tank. I've planned the session in again for next week and I'll be increasing the difficulty facter slightly, ie each effort and tempo section will be a little faster...

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