Monday, May 04, 2020

Killed the Sprint or the Sprint Killed Me?....

Yep, definitely the latter. So it was only a group ride tonight for stage 1 of the Tour For All on #Zwift and after the initial argy-bargy I found myself riding in a smallish group and we were going along at a decent pace. There was the odd attack from those wanting to do a Freddie Mercury - and break free, but they mostly came to nothing. Maybe a couple got away during the 28km ride but then it was a ride not a race and I was happy to sit in and recover from yesterday's treadmill session.

Into the final couple of kilometres, as is customary for a group ride, all bets are off when it comes to the sprint and I decided there wasn't anything to be gained from a standard 100-300m sprint so I went long.... Too long as it turned out. I put the hammer down from about a kilometre out and pushed myself to the limit - and just a little beyond. My engine gave up the ghost with about 100m to go. I was spent and more but I managed to get across the line with only one of the group getting there ahead of me. I practically slide from the pedals and onto the floor. I was in some oxygen debt but after a minute I was able to save the ride up to Strava - got to get the important things done.

Two options for tomorrow. Option one, another treadmill session. Option two, sod all. I think we all know....

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