Monday, May 25, 2020

A Hot One

but I managed to select a pretty well shaded route. Didn't want a hilly one so I used my instincts to hot foot it over to Newent Wood in the car - can you hot foot by car? and now we can use our "instincts" can we head back to the mountains? It would be good for my mental well being if I did, all my "instincts" tell me that would be good.... but of course I'm joking, not being part of the ensemble of the ruling elite, being a mere unworthy, like 99.9% of the population, I shall continue to keep to the rules. There will be no 60 mile test drives with bad eyesight - which I think, if you knowingly drive with bad vision and admit on national television, is a road traffic offence.... anyway, I've slipped off track - a bit like today's when I stumbled into a boggy section. Wasn't the fastest. Was probably the hottest of the year but it was a nice pootle all in all. Finished off back home with a 10km bike cooldown on Zwift. 

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