Thursday, March 26, 2020

They Weren't Too Bad...

So after a decent pair of workouts tonight I had a crack at doing something with lost packet of quinoa. Quinoa and bean burritos.... and to be fair they weren't too bad considering they were fully vegan - which is just as well as I have another two day's potions heading to the freezer.

Back to the training. I hit the bike straight after work. The commute was pretty light... from the upstairs office down to the gym. I plumped for the short sharp stage 5 Tour of Watopia race. 17km and mostly flat. I was towards the back for most of the race, in a group of five. Into the final short, sharp climb, I blasted off the front to win the internal battle of the five. The reverse volcano - not to be confused with the reverse cowgirl, that's something entirely different - suits my style with that short climb within 600-700m of the finish.

I then had about 90 minutes to recover ahead of stage 5 of the tour on foot. Not a race, just a 30 minute group run, with about 150 of us treading the boards. Let's be honest I was never going to be gunning it, started slowly and nudged the pace up little by little. I finished reasonably strongly. Could probably have pushed it a bit harder but I didn't want to risk over doing it. I've more training planned for tomorrow to make it five in a row.

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