Sunday, March 15, 2020

Not The Bath HM Half Marathon

In light of the increasing COVID-19 threat, I decided not to head to Bath despite it still being on. I suspect there will be quite a few others who made the same call. So instead I headed into the heart of the forest for a solo run following the Forest spring HM route. It was raining. It was cold but I'd collected my sponsorship for WaterAid and today was the day so a half marathon I 'ran'.

It started okay. I wasn't exactly setting the world alight but I was jogging along okay. Through 5k I started to feel a pain in my right hip. By 6k it was hindering me. I didn't want to wreck myself but equally hell would have to freeze over before we see the day when I don't finish a race I start - even if it was a self imposed virtual race. It was a pretty uncomfortable final 15k, stop, start, stop, start but I finished.

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