Saturday, March 28, 2020

A Run With Mo

My sixth run in a row was a group run. The largest field of treadmill trotters, some 450+ of us from all over the globe, that I've run with on #Zwift so far. Have to admit that I didn't see much of Mo. I could see his leader beacon at the start line but apart from that he sped into the far distance...

I was feeling it in my legs from the previous five days of running but nothing was aching or sore so I;m happy I'm not over doing it. Today's distance was 6.4km. Not sure what tomorrow's training will be. A run? More likely a ride as I cleaned the chain yesterday - it was pretty filthy - and the near silence of a clean cassette is extremely satisfying.

All T-Rex'ed up and ready to go in the start pen...

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