Saturday, February 23, 2019

That Was Hard Work

but I'm pleased with the effort. I'm aching a little. I started to cramp up coming into the penultimate field but managed to stave it off and although I didn't have any trouble during the race the sole of my left foot is aching big time. Won't be anything serious, just the after affects of a 70% increase in distance and ascent from the previous race.

The race itself was a proper race and definitely one to put in the diary - The Hatterall Sledge, make a note of it for next year.

Despite quite a lot on running on paths there was a nice little section across the nothing-ness and I took a pretty good line. Would be all the more challenging in the fog - so bring that on next year... I risked the brambles on corner cut towards the end and gained a couple of places. With a recce I reckon you could eek out a decent way through it.

Despite the increase in distance, I didn't fade too badly in the later stages and I generally picked up places after the first climb rather than drop them. All good. 12k, 560m ascent. Feeling a bit tired now though.

Well done Dan S, the marshals and the Old Pandy Inn for hosting.

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